Playing Tooth Fairy

Well, the triplets have reached that age.

No, not the age were we can send them off into the world to fend for themselves, tempting as that may be, that is not the age I am talking about.

The triplets have reached the age where they are loosing teeth. Dropping those little pearly whites like we have never brushed their teeth, taken them to the dentist and fed them sugar since birth.

Ok, maybe not dropping them that fast and so far only Jake and Quinn have lost teeth but I know more are coming. The dam is about to break and soon I may need mash up all their food since they won’t have any teeth left in their heads.

Every day one of them will tell me, “Mom, this tooth is loose or this tooth hurts.” I’m preparing myself to see a lot of toothless grins.

What does reaching this right of passage mean, besides the fact that the next time I blink my three babies will be asking for the keys to the car? Well, it means that Jeff and I get to play tooth fairy.

Childhood is grand for it’s innocence and the belief in magic. I’m all for keeping it that was as long as possible. It’s just that having to play tooth fairy or more honestly, remembering to play the tooth fairy is hard.

You would think that since it’s happening more and more often around this house it would get easier but no, it’s not.

I mean poor Quinn, the second tooth he lost the tooth fairy forgot to come for two nights in a row. How are she do that to him. Poor kid was crushed. And my mommy guilt was at an all time high so much so I begged Jeff to give me lashes with a wet noodle.

I don’t mean to forget and neither does Jeff but for some reason, slipping into their rooms and exchanging that tooth for a golden dollar is one of the most difficult things in the world. I think it would be easier to get Kim Kardashian’s stop being a reality TV star.

We’ve tried all kinds of ways to remember, setting alerts, writing notes, even asking the cat to remind us. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

boy with a lost tooth

This time it was Jake’s turn to loose a tooth. Actually, I pulled it out during our family movie night movie because I was kind of sick of seeing it dandle by a thread. It was his first loose tooth, the first one he lost and judging but the loose ones next to it, it won’t be long until another one can be yanked from his head.

As we tucked the kids in and said prayers, he put that tooth under his pillow and talked non-stop about how the tooth fairy would come. Jeff and I gave each other ‘the look’ and as soon as the kids were all in bed, Jeff retrieved a golden dollar from the hiding spot.

“What are you doing?” I ask as Jeff started up the stairs again.

“Going to make the exchange,” he said.

“Um… they just went to bed. We kinda have to wait until he’s asleep.” I said.

“Oh, yeah” Jeff answered as he walked back down. “Where should I put this so that we will remember to do it later?”

I stopped for a moment, that was the million dollar question.

“Just set it on the counter, then we’ll see it when we head to bed,” I said.

Jeff walked over to the counter and set the golden dollar down but then paused. “The only thing that setting his coin here will mean is that Jake will find it here and not under his pillow in the morning.”

I laughed, he had an excellent point.

“Do you have a better idea?” I asked.

He shrugged and I turned my attention to my phone that was beeping with some twitter love.

The night progressed as planned with Jeff and I settling in to watch a movie together which meant that soon all tooth fairy duties were forgotten.

We were mid movie when I needed a bathroom break.

“Pause it, please” I said as I jumped up and ran into our bedroom and to the bathroom.

I flipped the light on in the room and something on the bed made me stop. I walked over to investigate.

A baking pan?!

At first I was confused, why was there a baking pan on the bed? I almost gathered it up to put it away but then I saw the golden dollar and smiled.¬†Jeff had placed the baking pan on the bed with the golden dollar in it so that he couldn’t get into bed without dealing with the pan and remembering to play tooth fairy.

Sometimes that husband of mine is completely brilliant.

I think I’ll keep him.



Snaggled Sharked Tooth Boy

“Mom, can I have my Later and Now?” Hayden asked.

I gave him a puzzled look as I had just dialed the number to the dentist’s office. I just wanted him out of my hair so that I could make this phone call. I was calling because of him after all. When the person on the other end picked up, I watched him pick up a piece of candy and it hit me that he wanted to eat a Now and Later candy.

The reason for my call to the dentist was because I wanted Hayden to get some teeth removed. He has had his two bottom front teeth loose for a while now and recently I noticed that the permanent teeth were coming up behind the baby teeth.

This really freaked me out when I first discovered it. I quickly went to Google and found that this is a very common thing in young kids. Jeff even told me that he had to have all four of his front teeth removed because this same thing happened to him. It was really no big deal.

I didn’t really get in comfort in this.

All I could see was that Hayden had some weird snaggled sharks teeth. I could just see this ruining his social life. He would be a social outcast, afraid to go near people for fear of the teasing and taunting. He had visions of him being a freak of nature like the man turning into a tree on TV or worse being afraid of all people, becoming a hermit and living in our basement forever.

Those teeth couldn’t come out soon enough if you asked me. Unfortunately, the dentist scheduler didn’t understand my urgency and gave us an appointment for next week.

I hung up the phone and let out a sigh as I watched Hayden chew on his candy. I tried to get the imagine of him as a snaggled shark tooth hermit out on my head.

“Ow. Ow. Ow.” Hayden said with a mouth full of the candy.

“What?” I asked giving him my full attention.

“My candy just got stuck on my loose tooth and hurt it,” Hayden answered. “But it is good now. You want to wiggle my tooth?”

Hayden is really weird about his loose teeth. He doesn’t like to wiggle them but wants other people to do it, mostly me but he has been know to ask strangers to come and wiggle them. I looked at him with his mouth hanging open and I did what any mother would do, I wiggled it.

“Wow, Hayden,” I said. “That is really loose.”

He smiled at me and said, “Yeah, I know.”

“How about we try and pulled it out?” I asked begging that he would agree because I wanted those teeth out and the sooner the better. I also tried to sweeten the deal. “You know if we get it out the tooth fairy will come.”

He whole-heartedly agree and we walked to the bathroom. I got a tissue and tried with all my might to pull a tooth out. But I got nothing. Those teeth were hanging on for dear life.

“Sorry, buddy,” I told him. “I guess we are just going to have to wait for the dentist to do it next week.” He looked at himself in the mirror, shrugged his shoulders and left.

Darn, I wanted that tooth out. I thought of suggesting the whole tie a string around it and slamming the door but I didn’t want to hurt him. Plus, that seemed more like a Dad thing to do. As I pondered my options, my attention turned to my reflection in the mirror.

Since I was alone and in front of a mirror, I did want anyone would do. I analyzed what I saw. Man, I am totally loving this new hair color. Boy, I hate those hairs on my chin. Is that a zit? Why oh why am I still dealing with zits? Do I have wrinkles? Maybe I should look into getting a face lift?


The scream from across the house forced me from my thoughts.


I walked out of the bathroom to see Hayden running to me.

“Mom, its out. My tooth is out,” he said beaming with pride. And there as he opened his hand was a tiny little white tooth smaller than my fingernail.

“I just wiggled it and wiggled it and then I just pulled it out,” he explained. “Now the tooth fairy will come to our house tonight!”

I just stood there and smiled at his excitement and then I hugged him close, “That is really awesome, buddy. Good job.”

I watched him run out of the room to go show Jake, Quinn and Claire and realized that there were tears rolling down my face.

It was silly to cry over a lost tooth but there in that moment, Hayden has never been farther from the baby I held in my arms just six short years ago. He was now a young kid, soon a young man.  This loose tooth just sealed that deal in my head. He was growing up whether I liked it or not.

My baby lost a tooth.

Who knew it would be filled with so much drama.