I’ve Got Vine and It’s Fine

So I know that I haven’t been in this space much. This ‘ole blog and me have kind of grown apart.

I’m not sure yet if the relationship can be fixed or not. Don’t worry I am still writing…. more on that later.

Also, I have a bad case of ‘Social Media killing the Blogging Star’. I don’t post much here but I am all over Twitter, Instagram, (sometimes Facebook) and Vine.


Don’t know what Vine is? Well, it’s video app that you can get for your phone where you can make 6 second videos that loop. I love it. It’s another media for me to be able to spew my random thoughts and give you a chance to ‘see’ me doing so.

I thought it would be fun for me to make a compilation of all Vines that I made in September (with a couple Instagram videos in there too). You know, in case you missed them or just want to see my hilarity again.

See, isn’t awesome? I bet you can’t wait until next month’s compilation because there will be a next month’s compilation.

And if you’d like to see some of the funniest Vines from the app for the month of September, check out this YouTube video.

This post is part of Mama Kat’s Vlogging Workshop.


*if you can’t see my video click here*



My Son Did My Makeup

doing makeup

I like being a girl.

I like all the pretty things girls get to wear, I like the sexy panties and bras, I like the shoes but most of all I like the makeup.

Wearing makeup makes me happy, in fact I usually reapply my mascara before I go to be so that I will be pretty when I sleep.

But sometimes a little change in the makeup routine is good so I thought, “why not let my son do it for me?” Maybe together we could start the newest makeup tread.

So I sat back with a glass of wine and let him make me pretty.

He had full use of all my makeup, my face was his canvas and I promised not to look until he was done.

And when he was done, boy was I surprised.

*watch the video*


my son did my makeup

I’m pretty.

No Public Adjustments

photo (1)

I could feel it ride up as I drove. It was like a string being pulled up tighter and tighter. I would need to do some serious adjusting as soon as I stopped the car.

I tried to shift in my seat, hoping that would make a difference, trying to find some relief but nothing was helping.

Since my rediscovery that I am a woman and not just a mom, that has meant my underwear choices have gone from cotton white table clothes to more dainty things like boy shorts, bikini briefs and thongs.

I like wearing these new sexy undies, they make me feel good. It’s just that sometimes the thongs… well, they take things a little too far up.

Despite what you may think, I do find thongs very comfortable to wear. I don’t feel like I have something constantly up my butt. Quiet the opposite, I feel like they ride up less. The number of wedgies I have to deal with has greatly decreased. They also make me feel sexy and pretty. And from what I can tell, the man of the house likes them too.

But there is always one troublesome one, one where the fit isn’t quiet right. There in lies the problem.

I pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car. The kids burst through the open doors like bees leaving the hive in search of pollen. Thankfully, a shiny rock on the ground caught their attention and I knew this was my moment.

I reached around to quickly fix my underwear but this thong had a mind of it’s own and apparently was trying to go up to my head via and internal route by way of my butt hole.

This was not going to be an easy, quick, sneaky wedgie pick. Nope, it was going to have to be more aggressive.  I was going to have to go digging… maybe even lift my skirt up.

I scanned the parking lot for people.


The kids had moved their attention to a stick and a bug and where staying out of the way on coming cars.

I moved a little closer to the van and used the open drivers side door as a bit of a shield then I went in.  I tried to get at my underwear through my skirt but it still wasn’t happening so I lifted up one side of my skirt and slide my hand to my ass. I bent over just a bit  to grab the string that was in a place go string should go, found it with my finger, did a little wiggle and pulled that sucker out.

Oh, sweet relief.

The wedgie caused by the throng string trying to violate me in ways I was not happy about was finally fixed. My ass could relax.


Then since I was up there, I decided to fix my tank top by pulling it down which made me realize my boobs need adjusting and pushed up. I got all lady bits situated, smoothed my skirt down and turned to call the kids to me so that we could go into the store when I noticed the person sitting in the car watching me.

This person had just watched me wiggle, pull, tug, adjust, pick, prod and do things that should only be done in the privacy of one’s bathroom to my clothes and body.

I couldn’t think of anything to do so I just stared back at the person who’s eyes were as big as saucers after my little show.

You could cut the awkward with a knife.

“Mommy, can we go?!” one of the kids said breaking my trance and bringing me back to reality.

I nodded at the child and turned to walk into the store. I would feel my cheeks get red but then the hilarity of the whole situation hit me and I just laughed.

Maybe I’m not as ready for big girl sexy undies as I thought I was but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. Although, in the meantime, that thong it totally being retired.

I LOVE that Song!

When I used to get home from school, I would burst into the house, throw my backpack in my room and run to turn on the little  TV  in the kitchen.

I fumbled with the remote and keyed in the channel. The previous show was finishing the last commercial break. I would make myself a snack, popcorn, and then sink down against the back of the cupboard to the floor to sit and watch.

The theme song just made me smile… “Pop. Pop. Pop Up Video.” I sang along as I crunched on my popcorn. The music of the show filling the quiet of the house.

I wondered what songs would be featured today and watch interesting little tid-bits of random knowledge would fill my brain so there was less room for the important facts school was teaching me.

But deep down in my heart, I prayed they would show my most favorite video. The one that made me believe in love and that a person would do anything for it. The song that I thought was sung by a meatloaf. The song that confused me because it never really answered the what ‘that’ was.

to view the video on YouTube, click here


What Babies Think About ‘Baby Talk’

what babies think

Babies hold an interesting power over adults.

Babies can stop a serious adult conversation mid sentence just by entering the room.

Babies have this way of making adults do what ever they want.

Babies also make adults do ridiculous things.

Like making a group of grown woman suddenly bust out in ‘baby talk’.

I gotta wonder… what do babies think about that. I asked my friend’s baby and she clued me in… kinda.

To view the video on YouTube, click here. 


Sometimes You Just Need a Good Car Dance

photo (1)

Take triplets to school.

Take Hayden to the doctor.

Take Hayden back to school.

Take dad to pick up car in the shop.

Take self to get hair done.

Take self to grocery store.

Take kids home from school.

Take kids to choir practice.

Take kids home from choir practice.

Take meds because my ass is sore from sitting in the car all day.

Sometimes the only this that can make a day spent in the car a better is a full on multi-car ‘car dance’ at a red light.

Watch to find out what happened….

*click here to view on youtube*


Please note, all reenactment car dancing footage was shot in a parking lot, hence the lack of seat belts at time.

Exposing the Myth

I was happily reading and chatting on Twitter when I came across some tweets that made me stop.

I slowed my scrolling down and read more carefully, clicking links and examining profiles.

What I was reading made me worried… did these people really believe this?

Really? Seriously?

Even though, I disagreed whole-heartedly with what these people were saying, I remained silent.

But now I will break my silence. I need to expose this myth.

I want people to know that it is possible to fold fitted sheets.

That’s right, I said it. It can be done. I do it every month or so when I wash the sheets.

This needs to be shared, people need to know. We do not need to live in this myth any more.

Here, watch the video to see what I mean.


This myth has been exposed because of the vlogging prompts from Mama Kat

Join in and see what else people are exposing.