This Girl’s Gotta Dance

Dancing makes me happy.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved to dance.

I was even deemed ‘Jenny Jazz’ by some boys in my 4th grade class. They did it to make me feel bad but I embraced the name and tried to live up to it.

If there is a beat, I just gotta move.

If I am in the car, I gotta shake my money makers.

If the day has been bad, nothing will make me feel better faster than pumpin’ some jams and having a dance party in my kitchen.

So when I heard there were a bunch of bloggers out there doing a ‘Blogger Dance’…. well, it was only natural for me to join right in.

House Talkn

Bloggers Dance will be happening all summer long on the first Monday of the month.

You can follow all the fun on Twitter with the hash tag #BloggersDance

I encourage you to join in.

Give you kids a video camera, put on some awesome tunes and dance away.

If you can’t see the video, click here.

Music for this video by Karmin. Find them on Twitter and Youtube.


35 thoughts on “This Girl’s Gotta Dance”

  1. Love the view of the feet with the awesome shoes! Love the car dancing! (I did that too in my video.) It makes me nervous when you are driving and remove your hands from the steering wheel. lol This is my fav #BloggersDance video so far! Good job!

  2. The kids and I used to have “crazy dancing” parties, where we would dance as absurdly as possible. It was great fun. In fact, I’m not sure why we haven’t done it in so long. Maybe I’ll have to resurrect this…

  3.! lol this looks awesome. But I don’t think I’d have the guts to do it!

    and you rock! love the song choice šŸ™‚

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. Jen, I just love you!! I found myself bouncing around in my seat while watching that video!!

    It’s awesome…and the editing…wow…I love it!!!

    I’m sooooooooo tweeting this and FB’ing it!!!!!!!! You’re gonna go viral, mama!!

  5. I SO LOVE THIS!!!

    I love your shoes too, we have identical taste in shoes. šŸ™‚

    You rock for making this video, wish I had that kind of courage…
    ā™„ dancing~mooney

  6. Oh my gosh…that was so precious! I LOVE to dance in the car!! What a clever idea…and I love all your shoes too!!

  7. You’re nuts! Were your neighbors in the street watching the weirdo dance in the driveway? In related news, I saw a woman who looked exactly like you (she was even wearing scrubs) when I was picking Ryan up from afterschool. Then she dropped the door in my face and I realized she’s a raging bitch. That hug I almost gave her was totally taken back.

  8. I’m a first time commenter but an avid reader of your blog. Dancing just seems to put a smile right on my face, so this post was a great start to my day! Oh and awesome shoes, love them!! My 14 month old has just taken on dancing in a big way, so we have been having dance parties galore in our home lately! I wish I was camera savvy and had the confidence to put it out there. Awesome post!

  9. I love all the cute shoes!!!

    This was so much fun! And the fact that you had the kids involved… awesome. You may have to do this more often!

  10. You have lots of wonderful flats. Also, are we dancing together at Blog Her ’12 this year?!? I hope so!!! ;D

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