There are Super Heroes Living in my House

I am a little late to this bandwagon but I recently discovered the goodness that is Esty.
Esty, for those of you that don’t know, if a site where people can set up a store for goods that they make.
There are some really, really cool homemade things on this site.
You can find everything from really cool jewelry to furniture and clothes.
I am really liking this site.
It is so cool to find unique, one of a kind gifts.

Recently, I found some really cool gifts for my kids.
I was surfing along and stumbled on the store named
Dogwood Creations.

She makes the cutest kids stuff, especially the capes.
As soon as I saw them, I knew that my kids would love them.
I quickly emailed her and she got to work right away on my order.

And now, I have four Super Heroes!

I just love them in their capes and the kids love them too.
In fact the first time I put them on, they didn’t take them off.
They even had to sleep in their capes.

So if you want to make your kids super heroes, go and check out Dogwood Creations.
You won’t be sorry.

Super Kids!


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