Please Don’t Listen

Like most mother’s, one the things that annoys me to no end is the fact that my children don’t listen to me. Ok, that is not entirely true. They do listen but it is not on a consistent basis.

Just once I would love to ask them to do something like get their coat and shoes on and then have to them do it. Or ask them to pick up the toys and have them run into the room and pick up with out me have to ask them five times which in turn frustrates me and turns my asking into yelling.

But even though, I would like my children to listen to me, there are times that I really don’t want them to hear what I have to say. You know like when a bad word comes out of my mouth when I am frustrated with something or when I am annoyed with their father.

It figures that they would listen to that and that it would come back to haunt me.

Hayden: Hey, Dad. Thanks for playing this game with me. And I don’t think that you are a jerk.

Jeff: *dirty look in my directions* Thanks, buddy. Has mommy been using bad words again?

Hayden: Yeah.

They always listen when I don’t want them too. And somehow use it against me. Thanks for throwing me under the bus kid, see if I sneak you any of the good chocolate again.


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