If I Wanted to Humiliate Myself, I Would Have Joined a Gym

I know that right now, everyone is all about fitness and getting healthy. It is the new year and this happens every new year. I really don’t understand this but it seems to happen every year so there must be something to it.

This year Jeff has got on this bandwagon. He decided that we needed to have Wii Fit. I was a bit surprised by this purchase but I shouldn’t have been. It is a video game after all and Jeff is all about video games. Plus there is a slight possibility that this game can be used to exhaust Hayden by wearing off some of this never ending energy and is awesome.

But I wasn’t 100% sold on this purchase. I really wasn’t sure what Jeff meant when he said that he got this game for all of us, especially me. I didn’t think that exercise equipment/games are on the approved list of things to buy your wife. I mean, how could I not read into this gift? Was he calling me fat?

But I watched Jeff set up his Mii, go through all the body trails and even watched him play a couple of games. I was impressed and it looked like fun so I decided what the hell, what do I have to loose but a few pounds? (Sorry, I know bad joke but I couldn’t resist.)

So I stepped up and set up a Mii for myself. And here is where the problems begin. I have a few bones to pick with Wii Fit and I can tell you right now that we are going to have a love hate relationship.

First, why is it that when you start out you get to see your Mii as a small skinny little person and then once all the numbers are in and it calculates your BMI you Mii balloons up to what you look like at that BMI? Now that is just an unfair tease. I know what I look like, a quick walk by one of the mirrors in my house will tell me this. I don’t really want to watch my fat ass Mii workout. If I wanted that, I would go to a gym, join and aerobics class with mirrors line up along the front and jump around myself. It is not pretty, I try and avoid it. So why should my Mii do it?

Second, Wii Fit calculates your fitness/body age. Again, I don’t really need to be told how my body is older than I actually am. I am 30 years old but on any given day of the week I don’t feel 30. I feel more like 70 or 80. But I try to live in sweet denial about this. So it doesn’t help to my body age is flashed at me on the TV screen in huge letters and my son tells me, “Wow, mom you are old.”

Lastly, Wii Fit is all about balance. Me, well, I am not all about balance. Let’s just say that I am clumsy as they come and this might be the reason that I have sprained my ankle six times. So it shouldn’t it shouldn’t have been a surprise when after one of the many balance tests Wii Fit asked me, “Mmmm, do you tend to trip over things and fall down a lot?” Yes, its true but I was still insulted.

So needless to say that Wii Fit and I did not get off on the right foot. I am assuming that these tests and ‘fun’ comments are suppose to be inspiring and give you the needed kick in the pants to get moving. But all it made this emotional eater do was grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, sit on the couch and eat.


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