The Girl Can Talk

I had always heard the about the stereotype that girls like to talk. Personally, I don’t really fit into this so I have not ever really given it much thought until Claire came into my life and learned how to talk.

Claire likes, no loves to talk. Jeff and I have come to the conclusion that she has a word quota that she needs to meet each and every day. And this quota is high, like thousands and thousands and thousands of words must be spoken by her each and every day.

And it just so happens that this quota increases when we are in the car. I think that she thinks that in the car everyone has to listen to her so steps up her game.

On a recent car ride to my parent’s house which is about 30 minutes, she rambled on continuously. At times, I wondered if she would pass out because I didn’t really know how or when she was breathing. It was just continuous word vomit that never ended.

At times, she seemed to be talking about something happening in our lives and other times she just talked about things she saw outside the car or just said the first thing that came to her mind. The only thing that was consistent about these statements was that she said them all and she started them all the same way.

“Cause someday is is is sing at nonna and papa house.”

“Cause someday is is is fire engine hurt my ears and scare me. Rrrrgh”

“Cause someday is is is middle truck big.”

“Cause someday is is is new shoes as a present from Santa.”

“Cause someday is is is new car for Daddy.”

“Cause someday is is is car has snow on it.”

“Cause someday is is is talk from Hayden, Jake and Quinn.”

“Cause someday is is is seven eight seven eight seven eight.”

“Cause someday is is is has kitty say meow meow.”

“Cause someday is is is doctor make my cheek feel better.”

“Cause someday is is is mommy set on hammer.”

“Cause someday is is is snowman need medicine in eyes and nose.”

“Cause someday is is is see snake out window and scare me but frog ribit away.”

“Cause someday is is is daddy me sing song.”

“Cause someday is is is daddy time to shut er mouth.”

It was so cute to listen to her talk but I began to wonder about something. If this is what she is like at 2 years old, what is she going to be like at 16? One things for sure, she is totally going to need the unlimited minute plan for her cell phone.


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