Read to Me…. Not!

I have a confession to make.

It is not something that I am proud of but I think that I have to put it out there.

Please don’t hate me, hiss or boo at me. I feel that this place is a safe place where I can be loved and excepted.

Ok *big sigh* Here is goes. I am just going to say it, you know like this was an AA meeting or something.

*stands up*

Hi, my name is Jen and I am a mommy that doesn’t read to her kids.


There I said. Man, that is like a weight has been lifted. I feel so much better. But I also feel that I need to explain myself.

Alright, so the truth is that I don’t read to my kids often. Its not like I out right refuse to read to them but it is something that I really don’t enjoy. But I used to.

When Hayden was little I used to read to him all the time. It was something that I really enjoyed doing. We would sit and look at books together for hours, well not hours but many, many minutes. He especially liked the flip books. We would open each flap and talk about what was under each one. It was really fun.

Well, the little kids, Jake, Quinn and Claire, really like these kinds of books too. And I like to read and share these books with them but there is one problem. I have one lap and there are three of them.

Things usually start out really well. One of them will be in my lap and the other two will be on each of my sides. We begin reading and talking about the pictures when one of the kids sees something that they especially like and want to get a closer look at. That onne gets really excited and begins to push at the person in my lap which is then interpreted as a threat, meaning that they are being challenged for the place in my lap. The shoving begins, then the hitting, which usually includes me getting hit in the nose, and lastly the screaming match over who’s mommy I am.







Well, you get the picture. And this all ends with me getting so irritated that I push the kids off my lap and leave.

I am really hoping that this is just a phase and they will grow out of it because I would like to read to them, really I would but not if they keep choosing this one book for me to read.

This is my second reason that I don’t like to read to my kids.

Every.single.time I say to them, “Hey guys, do you want to read a book?” It never fails that they will find this book and bring it to me. They just love it but I can’t stand it and if I have to read it one more time, I am not sure what I will do.

I have tried to hide this book. I have tried to give it away and I have even tried to throw it was but each and every time my efforts have failed. I don’t know how they do it. There must be some kind of alarm or censor on the book that alerts them to what I am try to do.

What is this book that I speak of? Well it is ‘Night-Night, Baby’ a touch and feel book.

Seriously, its not even a story book. It is just a book that lists all the things that babies do before bed.
“Time for dinner!”
“Can you feel the bib on the baby?”

“Bath time is with a rubber ducky to play with”
“It’s so shiny.”

“The bath is over.”
“Now we get dry!”
“Feel how fluffy the bathmat is.” and so on.

Each picture, which I am pretty sure is older than me, has a texture to it that they can feel so maybe that’s why they like it. But I just don’t get it and I think that they babies in it are kind of creepy looking. I am pretty sure that I saw one of the babies move its eyes to watch me.


So there now you all know my dirty little secret. I am not proud of it but this is the way its has to be, right now. I am just thankful for daycare and school because I know that they are reading to them and nurturing their little minds. Because I am not, well at least in this area.

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