Right Now

Well, it is now a new month and a new year. It really doesn’t feel any different to me. Yesterday, was really nothing special and today is just another day.

We didn’t stay up late to watch the ball drop.
We didn’t go to a fancy party and share a kiss at midnight.
The kids went to bed at normal time and Jeff and I went to bed early.
But you know what, that is fine.
It is just where we are in life right now.

Someday, we will be able to stay out late and go to a swanky party but right now is not our time. Our time right now is here.

Right now is our time for coloring pictures and playing ball.
Right now is our time for building forts and playing with baby dolls.
Right now is our time for having poppy diapers smeared all over our couch.
Right now is the time to take a walk.
Right now is the time for us to have a five year old who started kindergarten and to have three 2 year olds.
Right now is the time for us to just enjoy our children and have fun as a family.
Right now it is time to just be a mommy and a daddy.

I don’t know what the next year will bring or what the next decade has in store for us. But you know what, where ever it takes us is really fine with me. I have hopes and dreams for the years to come but if they don’t all come to be, that is fine too.

As long as we are together as a family, then nothing else really matters. My family is the key to my happiness (and craziness) and that is all I will ever need.

This is an old picture of us but it was the first one taken of us as a family of six.
Therefore, it will always be my favorite family photo.

Happy New Year!


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