That’s Not What I Had Planned

The plan was for me to come home from work, pick up some Chinese food, watch a little TV and then spend some ‘special’ time with Jeff. That was the plan until I got a phone call at work about 20 minutes before I was suppose to leave.

“Jen, can you check you email?” Jeff said. “Claire fell while I was upstairs with the boys. I took a picture and I want you to look at it. Do you think she needs stitches?”

I quickly opened my email, saw the picture and said, “You should call the doctor and get the official ‘ok’ to go but yes, I think we need to take her to ER. I will leave here soon.”

I quickly finished up my work, reported off to the next nurse and I was on my way. Jeff met me at the half way point between home and the hospital, I picked up Claire and was on my way back to the hospital.

Claire was a real trooper. If you asked her, she had a fabulous time. She loved playing with all the toys that they brought her. She got to watch a couple movies. She flirted with all the cute doctors and nurses. She had a blast.

Her charm and whit just blew me away. She was so good and did everything they asked of her. In fact, she didn’t even cry when they put three stitches in her little face. The only time she cried was when we had to leave. She didn’t want to go as a matter of fact when I told her that we to go home, she said, “Ooo, shut er mouth.”

But all good things must come to an end besides, it was totally past her bed time and getting really close to mine. But before I tucked her in bed, I gave her a chance to tell you all what happen.


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