Not My Best Idea

I am full of ideas.
Some of are good ideas.
And some are not so good ideas.

Being that it is the holiday season, I am just bursting with fun holiday event ideas.
Every where I turn there is another fun holiday thing going on.

For example, one of our local malls has this huge model train set up.
There are four trains driving all around.
It is really cool.

And taking the kids to see the holiday trains,
was a really, good idea.

They were fascinated by the trains as they zoomed around the track.
I have never seen my children be so still.

Now this next holiday activity, not really one of my best idea.
I thought it would be fun to take the kids to a ceramic shop to paint ornaments.

Sure they look sweet and cute sitting there in the photos painting
and they really did enjoy themselves.

But I took three 2 year old’s into a store where everything was breakable
and to top that, I gave them paint!

I should have just let a cat with a lit torch tied to its tail lose in the store.
That probably would have caused less damage.

By the end of the session, the kid were covered in paint, I was sweating, my throat hurt from whisper yelling, Jeff was threatening divorce and we had broken more ornaments than we painted.

Yeah, probably not my best idea.

This post has been part of Wordful Wednesday
Hosted by Ange at 7 Clown Circus.


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