Don’t Do It, Please, Just Don’t.

Dearest Santa,

I need to have a quick word with you. I know that I have written you before on behalf of my children but this time I am writing you because I need to make something clear.

Now, you probably saw my children today in the store and you saw what they were begging and pleading for. I know they really, really wanted it and yes, they did look so cute playing on it. But if you bring an kind of musical instruments to my house, especially a drum set, then you and I are going to have serious words.

I just don’t think that I will be able to handle all those little hands beating away on drums, even if there are headphones included. It is enough that I have to listen to their Daddy pounding away on the Rock Band drums.

Anymore drums and that might just push me over the edge. I may just be forced to send them to live with you at the north pole, drums and all. And we certainly, don’t want that, do we?

So please Santa, choose their gift wisely. I am begging you… please.

Thank you,
Just a mommy trying to hold onto that last shred of sanity.


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