A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I need to take a minute to write you this letter before Hayden’s ‘letter’ reaches you. The boy is really confused about things and I just don’t want you to get confused too. I know that you have a ton of kids to look after and find gifts for so one boy who insists that he wants something from the Easter bunny and not Santa is likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Now, Hayden really is a really good boy. He does deserve to get toys and books and video games and all the things that he wants. But we need to keep it within reason, alright. You see when I gave me a couple toy catalogs that I got in the mail and told him to use them to help him make his wish list for Santa, I didn’t expect him to cut up each catalog in its entirety.

So when you get his letter, it is going to be a little thicker and look a little different than you are probably used to. He has carefully placed each and every tiny piece of paper in to a ziplock sandwich bag and that is what he intends to mail to you. Not a list but just a bag, filled with tiny cut outs of all the toys he wants.

I tried to get him to trim down his ‘wish list’ but he says it can just not be done. He says that everything in there is very important to him and it just has to stay his list.

I have to stop here and tell you that we are not raising a greedy son. He doesn’t always get his way or get every single toy he wants. We are trying to teach him that it is better to give that receive. His Grandma showed him this by taking him to buy a gift for a boy that would not otherwise get a present this year. He is very proud of what he did to help this little boy. Just ask him, he will tell you he picked out a game and pjammies for this 4 year old boy. And he knows what a 4 year old wants because “I am 5 now!”

Anyway, that is about it. With Hayden it is just all or nothing. Always has been and I pretty sure he will always be like this. Just love him through it, I know we will.

Thank you, Santa and Merry Christmas.

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