How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

I want something.
But I know that I am never going to get it.

I want to get a dog.
I think it would be really, really fun to have a dog around the house.
But this is never going to happen.
Jeff is a cat person through and through.

No exceptions.
End of Story.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I still would like to have a dog.
I think it would be fun.
You know, for the kids.

Well, the other day when we were at the store, Jeff agreed to us getting a dog.
I was floored.
Completely blown away.
Especially when he added that each kid could get a dog.

I about fell over in shock.
But then the reality hit me.
How in the world were we(I) going to be able to care for four dogs?

Then Jeff showed me what he had in mind.

Four balloon animal dogs.
“Perfect”, he said,
“They make the kids happy.
No having to walk them or clean up their poop
and in a couple of hours, they will all be gone.”

Yeah, perfect.
Not exactly what I had in mind.
But the kids loved this idea.

They all loved and played with their doggies until each one popped.
Tears where shed by them all when the doggies were no more.
But thankfully, these dogs can be easily and cheaply recreated.

This post has been part of Wordful Wednesday

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