Mom, I’m Stuck!

My secret to surviving the cold weather months where outside play is not an option is going to different play places. Between the malls around us, Play World and McDonald’s, there are about five different places for us to go.

This really is my life saver. I don’t really care if these places are breeding grounds for germs and come complete with other mommies who do nothing but judge, I need these places. They are perfect for my kids to run off their never ending energy. I usually take the kids about mid morning which guarantees a wonderful afternoon nap from all of them. It is just awesome in my book.

But there is one problem with these places besides, the germs, bullies and mean mommies. There is the possibility of one of the little kids will get stuck. Meaning that I will have to go up there and get them

This really has not been an issue for us especially, since Hayden is older and can usually go up and get a little kids that might be stuck. Also the fact that Jake, Quinn and Claire are now almost two and haft and pretty good climbers (just ask my furniture), I don’t really worry about them getting stuck anymore. In fact, I hardly every think about it.

Well, I used to not think about it. Let’s just say that changed this afternoon.

It was a rainy day and the kids where going stir crazy in the house. So it was off the McDonald’s we went to run off and climb out their energy. Once the kids were deshoed and decoated, they were off to play. I sat down at the table, relishing in the fact that no one was climbing on me. I sipped my coffee when I heard the cry.

“Mooommmmmeeeee! Help Me!”

I looked around and saw what I feared most. Quinn near the top of the play place, stuck. Well, he was wasn’t really stuck but his book he was. He had climbed to the top of the climbing ledges and when he turned around to start to climb down, his feet were too short to touch the next ledge so he got scared.

I tried to talk him down. I even sent Hayden up there to try and pull him down but he was too scared and nothing was working. So I did the only thing I could do. I got up from my chair, took my shoes off and began to squeeze my fat ass up to Quinn. Did I mention that the play area was full of people. Yup, this couldn’t happen on a day when the place was empty, no it had to happen during a full house.

As I climbed higher and higher, praying that the plastic would support my weight so that I wouldn’t become know as the lady that collapsed the play area, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to get high enough to get to Quinn. I was just too big to fit, no matter how much I sucked in.

Thankfully, there were some old boys playing around me and they had enough sense to realize that Quinn was stuck. They asked if they could help.

So as the boys tried to convince Quinn to come down with them, I looked around and took in my view. I looked over the crowed restaurant and realized that I was featured as the lunch time entertainment. Awesome.

“Um, lady” one of the boys said snapping me back to the task at hand, “he won’t come to me. He is trying to kick me away.”

“Yeah, I am sure he is just scared. Just try and grab his leg and pull him down. He will cry but it is ok. He will be fine,” I told the boy.

The boy stuck his head down from the ledge and looked at me, “You want me to pull him and make him cry?”

“Um, yeah. It will be alright. He is going to cry but we have to get him down,” I said getting a little annoyed by the whole situation. I just wanted to get down and stop this show.

Now, from where I was I could not see what was happening but within a couple seconds, I heard Quinn’s distinctive cry and then I saw his little body being shoved in my direction. He had big crocodile in his eyes. I tried to talk to him and quiet him down but his wailing just continued. So I just maneuvered myself and the crying child down to the ground.

Once safely on the ground, I smiled politely to the crowd and thanked the boys that helped us. I gathered Quinn in my arms and planted many a hug and kiss on him. Eventually, he stopped crying and I am pretty sure the promise of chicken nuggets and a Happy Meal toy help with that more than my hugs and kisses.

The photo was found on flickr and not actually our play place
but it was very close.
I wanted to take a picture but I forgot my camera.

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  1. hi. i know this is an old blog post, but i just went through a similar situation while at a McDonald’s play place with my 3-year-old twins today (11/5/2010). my son’s feet were also too short to reach the next level down and he started bawling. in my case it was actually another, much smaller mother who was there with her child who was able to go up and bring my child down. after thanking her profusely, i quickly got my family out there before i could die of embarrassment. luckily we had already eaten. 🙂 it will definitely be awhile before our next visit back to that particular McD’s. -Darlene

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