Fashion Friday

One of my favorite bloggers is Summer.
Isn’t she gorgeous?

She is a total fashionesta and all around awesome person. Besides her knowledge for all things fashion, her talent for the written word is, well it has brought to me tears it is so beautiful.
She just has this way of speaking right to my heart.
It is amazing.

Summer has just started this new online fashion/image consultant business, Chic Shoppers.
She has helped me find something to wear to an event I had to go to.
It turned out awesome!
If you need fashion advice or an outfit, you should totally check the site out.

Well, the other day, when I happen to to looking at Summer’s blog, Hayden came over to see what I was doing.
He was very intrigued with the “very pretty lady” and her pictures.
He asked what she was doing and I told him that she was modeling some pretty clothes.

So I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me when a couple of minutes later, he came downstairs dressed and ready.

“Take my picture, Mommy,” he said, “I look gooood.”

“Alright,” I told him, “Now strike a pose like the pretty lady.”

And he totally did.

Please ignore the nakedish toddlers in the back ground.
Unlike, Hayden, they are not to big on wearing clothes.


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