Happy Eagle!

I am not one for decorating. Sure, if you have ever been to my house you will see pictures on the walls and things here and there. You could call my house decorated but that is not by any of my doing. If it was left up to me, all the walls and shelves in this house would still be bare.

My house is decorated because of my mom. She is the decorator and she is really good at it. Her friends will often call her for advice on what to do in this room or what would look good here on this wall? I keep telling her that she need to change careers and become an interior designer but she is content just helping people when they ask.

My mom is one of those people who changes the decor in their homes based on the holiday or season. Now it is not to the extreme but tastefully done. It is a change in a table cloth here and an addition of a knick knack there. I really like it. And it kind of makes sense because since you only see these things for a few months at a time, you never get sick of anything.

I have always wanted to be like this. But sadly, I am not. The decorator gene did not get passed down to me. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to try, for the kids sake because they deserve, make that want, cool decorations for the holidays.

So that is why, when I saw this guy in the store I just had to take him home. I know its not much but its just a little something to make the house more festive.

Yeah, I know. I really need my mom’s help. I think so too but the kids, especially Jake, loved it.

When he first saw it on the table, he ran screeching with glee, “Happy Eagle! Happy Eagle!” Yeah, I know he is a little confused on the name but he was just so infatuated with it. Well, just watch and see.

I am pretty sure that if I had not told Jake that ‘Happy Eagle’ needed a ‘nap’, it would still be in his hands crushed to an unrecognizable mush.

But you know what, that would have been fine with me because his joy and the joy of the other kids made the $3.50 that I spent more than worth it. And for their joy and giggles, I am truly thankful.

This post has been part of Writer’s Workshop.
I know its not a Thanksgiving poem like the prompt asks for
but it is about something for which I am Thankful.


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