Plans, The Only Certain Thing Is That They Change. Edited to add Giveaway Winners

So this was the plan. Since I have to work the day after Thanksgiving, we were not going to travel and see our out of town relatives. We are going to stay in town and have Thanksgiving here. I was going to pull out the 20lb turkey that has been in the freezer since last year, chip off the ice and cook it. We were going to host all the family at our house and we were going to have an awesome Thanksgiving.

Not only was I going to cook the most awesome turkey in the world. But I was going to make parsnip pudding, brussels sprout gratin, my sister was going to bring cheese potatoes, my sister in law was going to bring carrots and peas and jello for the kids and Jeff was going to make his famous pumpkin pie. There was going to be mulled cider and wine. I am drooling just thinking about all the goodness. Yum!

But then my Mom and Dad decided to go to Iowa to see my mom’s side of the family. My brother drew the short stick and now has to be on call all day out of town. My sister can’t decide where she is going to be.

So fine. I decided that I would invite other people to come and share in our awesome feast. But you know what? When you call people a week before Thanksgiving most people already have plans. But no worries, I am still going to cook up a storm. There is going to be a enough food to feed a small army. So if you are in need of a place go on Thanksgiving, stop by. We will have plenty of food, the house will be warm and cozy and the wine will be flowing.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Now, I am not really sad about everyone changing their plans or having to work or go other places. It really is fine with me. As long as they are happy and full and with people they love, all will be well. And a Happy Holiday will be had by all. But seriously, there is going to be enough left-overs here to last us until spring. Thank goodness, the turkey left a pretty big spot to fill in the freezer.


So I know that I promised to announce the winners yesterday but I didn’t so here are the winners today.

Julie from Just Playin’ Around

Congrats Ladies!


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