Super Powers of a Mommy

Did you know that as a mommy, I have super powers? Actually, I am pretty sure that it is not just me that has the super powers but all mommies.

Yeah, I know. Its really cool. We can make dinner, play a game of Candy Land, comfort a small child, do a load of laundry, put away clean dishes, color a picture and still be able to maintain some sort of sanity. If that is not super then I don’t know what is.

I really do like being a mommy. It is a really fun, although extremely difficult, job. Through all the challenges, I think that you have to look for the little things to fuel those mommy super powers.

Like when Claire runs up to me after I leave the room and says, “I miss you, Mommy. I love you, too.” It just melts my heart when she throws her little arms around me and squeezes my neck. Each of the kids are great a giving hugs and telling me of their love for me. It is enough to make me a big pile of Mommy mush.

It is a good things that my kids keep fueling my mommy super powers because they sure do use them a lot too. Especially, the power where I can make any hurt or owie feel better.

I never realized before I was a mom the power that my kisses would hold. I never knew that a simple kiss from me could make any owie instantly feel better. No matter how serious, all that my kids want is a kiss. For example, when Quinn bit through his lip, I applied a cold cloth and pressure to stop the bleeding but Quinn still howled a way until I had given him a kiss.

Now I know that this sounds so sweet but my kids have taken the fact that I have this ‘power’ and pushed it to the extreme.

What I mean by this is that at 2am I will hear Quinn cry out. He is not crying for a pacifier, a cup of milk or because he had a bad dream. No, he is cry for a kiss. Somehow he has hurt his finger and wants a Mommy kiss to make it feel better. Nothing else will quiet him down. He will cry and howl louder and louder until he is give his kiss.

Normally, I give out my kisses freely. I will give each child kiss upon kiss upon. I am glad to make them feel better. But in the middle of the night, when I am woken from a sound sleep. I have a little issue with this.

Maybe I need to share some of my super powers with him for night so he can just kiss his own finger. Then again, I think that this is not going to be the same.

Photo Credit: Hayden
I think I am going to have to teach him about timing so the next time I don’t look like I am getting my nose picked.


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