Difference Between Boys and Girls

Having triplets has been an interesting journey so far. It has been full of many, many adventures but it also has been a learning experience.

I think that one of the best things about having triplets is that you can have two difference sexes of children at the very same age and development level. This has really been really neat to watch.

I always knew that males and females were different but we really are wired differently and it shows from the time we are young children.

For example, Claire is growing up in a male dominated household. And while she can throw down with the best of them in a wrestling match and a sand fight. She also is a natural born mother. Her mothering instinct just comes out.

From a very young age, Claire began to ‘mother’ her brothers. She tells them no when they are doing things that they are not suppose to. She will try and calm them when they are sad or hurt. She mimics me in her play and things she likes.

I also noticed that even without having an actually baby doll in the house, she turned stuffed animals into babies and plays house with them. She just has natural instincts and no matter the toys around her, they just come out. It is really fun to watch.

Another area where boys and girls are very different is in how they eat. Well, I can better show you this one.This is Claire’s bowl of cereal. She uses a spoon and for the most part gets all the food into her mouth. Sure, there is some spills but that is expected, she is only two.

There is Jake and Quinn’s bowls. Their spots look like there was a cereal and milk explosion. They rarely use a spoon and instead, kind of just dive right in and eat. You have to stand back or risk getting soaked.

Interesting, right? But it is not very fun to clean up every single morning. *sigh*

Now, I know that every child is different and sometimes, even in my house they cross the gender lines. But it is a neat thing to watch. But it also makes me wonder what is in store for the future.


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