Trick or Treat

It was finally time to get ready to go to my parent’s house to go trick or treating. Hayden was so excited. I pulled all the costume together and Hayden came over to approve my work.

“Mom? Where’s my Darth Vader costume?”

I looked at him with shock, ‘What? Well, I don’t have a Darth Vader costume for you. Remember, we got you this sword and shield?”

“But Mom, I told you that I wanted to be Darth Vader,” he whined at me.

“Hayden, we talked about this on Monday at the store. You wanted the sword and shield,” I tried to remain calm because it was about two hours before we would be actually going out and there really wasn’t time to get him something new.

“But I told you, ” he said as his lip began to quiver. I could see the tears start to form.

“I am sorry Hayden, this is all I have. You are just going to have to use the sword.” And with my response, he ran crying up stairs to his room.

I looked at Jeff and he looked at me, “What are we going to do?”

We did the only thing that we could, rack our brains for a costume that would be cool enough to satisfy the needs of a five year old and consist of items that we had on hand.

The one suggestions that we came up with was a Scare Crow. I said a little prayer that Hayden would like the idea as we went in to share it with him.

And thankfully he did, really, really did.

So I give you Hayden the Scare Crow, Quinn the Dog, Jake the Lyon and Claire the Princess.

The rest of the night went seeming smoothly, we even captured a picture of all six kids (my sister’s two included) in full costume.
But there was this one house the really scared the kids. It was not because it was all decked out in spooky decorations, no it was because of the dog.

I heard the dog barking fiercely as we approached but it was no where to be seen. The owner opened the door to hand out the candy and then the dog came running fully speed at us. Thankfully, it was contained in the house and came no where near the kids but it was pretty scary none the less.

Which was evidenced by the comments of the kids. Jake, Quinn and Claire screamed at the top of their lungs, “Ahhhh! Doggie get me! Doggie get me! Ahhhhhh!”

and Hayden, well he told me, “Mom! That dog was so scary that my eyeballs fell right out of my head!”
Once everyone was calmed down and eyeballs were returned to their rightfull sockets, we were able to continue on.
And had have a pretty good night.

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