This Drives Me Crazy and Other Random Thoughts

It is time once again for me to let the Blog Farts fly. So here we go well, I clear my mind and stink up the blogoshpere.


I have been thinking about changing my url. I want to be become a big girl blog with a dot com address. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I have talked to a lot of people about it and they say that it is no big deal. It is a smooth transitions that most people don’t even notice but I am scared. I don’t want to loose all my readers and friends. If I do switch and if things go wrong, will you all promise to come and find me?


and this

drives me absolutely nuts.
I mean, is it really hard to see that they are upside down?
Sometimes, I have been known to switch them.
Come one people, put them away the right way.


Claire has really been into playing in her little kitchen. She is always telling me that she is making dinner. I keep wondering when I will be able to really let her make dinner. Because as much I like to cook, I would like to turn the reins over to her on some days.


We have been having some early morning adventures, like 5AM early, lately. Jake has taken to getting up this early and he is now tall enough to turn on all the light switches through out the house. So when I get up and after I get blinded by all the light, I take him back to bed. I tell him it is still night night time. Does he listen and go back to sleep?
No. That would be to easy. What he does do is turn the lights on in his room which is also Quinn and Claire’s room and wake them up. So I end up with all three of them awake before 6AM. It is not good.
Oh and he has alos taken to stripping, including his diaper and hiding them. I still have not found a couple.


Speaking of Jake, he really loves the pumpkins that we carved. He goes outside and he will sit by them and talk to them and he takes them for a walk. Well on one of these walks, he thought it would be a good idea to throw one down the street. And we live on the top of a hill. So there was one of our pumpkins rolling down the street with me chasing after it. It was awesome. But don’t worry, the pumpkin is safe. I got to it before it was harmed.


This is my poor sweet Hayden. He is sick with the flu for the very first time.
I am doing everything possible to make him feel better.
But seeing him like this really makes me want my mom.
I remember being little and being sick with the flu
and there was nothing like just being with my Mommy.
There was just something about being in her arms that made me
feel all better.
I want my Mommy.


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