Past and Present Pumpkin Processes

We don’t usually do much in the way of Halloween preparations or decorations, much to Hayden’s chagrin.
He really thinks that we should decorate the house, top to bottom in all things scary and spooky.
Me, on the other hand, I am not so convinced.

But when though, we don’t decorate or even make fun Halloween crafts,
we do do

And I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at
Pumpkins of year’s past.

Here they are, our little pumpkin family of three.

I thought they were cute but Hayden well, he wasn’t quiet convinced.

Then again, maybe he was crying because the next year brought these guys.

But not to worry, there were still pumpkins.
Just a lot more pumpkins.

But we carved them all the same, expect for the tiny ones.
Jeff and I deemed them too small to carve.
So the next year, we bought six good size pumpkins and the plan was to have a whole
Jack ‘O Lantern Family.

But even with the kids help, there were just too make to clean and carve.
So the ‘mommy and daddy’ pumpkin, well they were just ‘shy’ and had no face.

Now that brings us to this year.
We learned our lesson and got just enough pumpkins to cover the kids.
And Jeff and I were excited because we thought the kids would be gun-hoe about helping us clean them out, like last year.

I mean what kid doesn’t want to get all dirty and make a mess.

Hayden, he jumped right in, almost literally.

Jake was all to happy to help.

Quinn, well, he really couldn’t be bothered to help with the pumpkins.
The dinosaur stickers were just too much fun.

And Claire, she was all about helping clean out the pumpkins.
She took her shirt off so that it wouldn’t get dirty.
She got up on her chair and was so ready to jump in until she saw the inside of a pumpkin.

Then I couldn’t get her to touch it with a ten foot pole.
But who can really blame her, pumpkin guts are really slimy.

But not to worry, once I gave her a spoon she dug right in.

And we were able to successfully carve pretty awesome pumpkins.

If I do say so myself.

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