The Lesson of Reponsibility

There once was a boy who’s parents decided to teach him about responsibility.
For his birthday, they approve of him getting a new fish for a pet.
The boy was very happy, for he loved animals so.

The family as a whole took the pilgrimage to the store to help the boy pick out just the right ones to bring home.

Each tank was studied with care.
And after many, many, many minutes the boy finally chose, three fish to be his.

He loving named them Treasure Chest, Coral and Goldie

With the new pets in tow, the family head for home.
The first order of business in being responsible for pets is to build them a home.
So with the help of this father, the boy did.

The boy was proud of his work and his new pets.

Beaming from ear to ear, he introduced his little sister and brothers to his new friends.
It was a match made in heaven.

The boy took great care of his new pet fish. Each morning upon waking he would feed his fish and each evening before bed he would feed them again.

His parents were proud of responsibility he was learning.
They smiled and congratulated each other for this good parenting move.

But there was one lesson that they did not plan on the boy learning so soon.
For you see, fish are finicky creatures and sometimes, well most of the time, they die.

Death is said and a hard lesson to learn.
The boy’s mother expected tears and much sadness when the boy learned of the terrible news.
But instead the boy just looked at her and said,
“Tomorrow can we get new fish? I was kinda sick of those ones anyway.”


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