Does This Make Me Scary or Real?

Right here, right now, I have to put all the myths to rest. I am not the good mother that you all think that I am. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love reading all the comments that say what a wonderful mother I am but I just can’t live with the pressure anymore. I have to set the record straight.

So that is why I am joining in with Jill from Scary Mommy. I am going to show how I am really just a ‘scary mommy or as I like to call it a ‘Real Mommy’.

Let my kids run around with spoons in their mouths. I try and stop them but they are just too fast.

I have them wait in the car while I run into the post office. There is just too many of them and it is really better for the post office if I leave them in the car. Because the second they go in and look at the mail just become completely unorganized. They make chaos where ever they go. But don’t worry, I leave a DVD playing for them.

We eat McDonald’s at least once a week. I have no reason for this. It is just easy.

I don’t change their clothes if their clothes are ‘just a little’ damp from a diaper that leaked or if they spill on it. Having four kids creates enough laundry and if I changed their clothes every single time they peed on their clothes or got them dirty, I would be doing laundry every single day. No thank you!

I let them jump off the stairs and furniture because how else I am suppose to exhaust them so that they will go to bed.

They watch way to much TV because I don’t really know what else to do with them during the day.

I give in and say yes after I have said no twenty times just to stop the whining. I am weak and whining is just a powerful weapon. Seriously, anything to stop the whining.

I don’t do crafts with my kids. I am not a crafty person so finding crafts and projects for them is not something I want to do. My idea of a craft is giving them paper and a crayon or two.

I am on the internet too much. But I try to do it when they are sleeping as much as possible but sometime I just need to get on-line and escape.

So now I hope that all of you will stop calling me a great Mom. I have put out there all my dirty little secrets. And man, what a relief.

But you know what? I don’t feel bad or guilty (ok, I feel a little guilty. I am a Mom and there is always guilt) about this. I am a REAL Mom who makes mistakes. A Mom who is trying to do the best that she can. A Mom who will never claim to be perfect, in fact I won’t even try.

And that is just fine with me. I LOVE my kids with every fiber of my being and that right there is enough for me and them.

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