Feeling Like You Are Buried with Children

So I am still off playing and having fun. So here is a post from another one of my favorite bloggers. I love this women! She and I just get each other. So here you go, a fabulous post written by Kathy B! from The World According to Me.


When Jen asked me to guest post while she was away I was thrilled because no has ever been foolish enough to ask because I adore both Jen and her blog. So after she asked I spent some time thinking about why I have such mad bloggy love for Jen, and the answer was simple: Jen reminds me of ME!

Sure were different…
Jen is west coast, and I am east coast (Sorry but I just have to interject here. She means, Jen is north east and I am south east.)
Jen has a career, and I stay at home
Jen has little kids, and I have bigger kids.
And Jen has triplets, and I, well, I don’t!!

So if we’re so different, how does she remind me of me?! Buried with Children, her blog title, pretty much sums it up. I don’t have triplets but I did have four kids in four years. I remember very clearly how it feels to be outnumbered and outwitted. Actually, being outwitted by my kids is pretty much becoming a way of life in my world.

The other day the kids were playing happily in my bathroom and trying to put some of my old makeup on their dolls. They were completely engrossed and totally oblivious to what I was doing, so I took the opportunity to clean the bathroom. They were still engrossed when I finished, so I moved to the half-bath…. and the guest bath.

I went back to check on them and as I rounded the corner to the bathroom I noticed:

Quiet. Clean. Apparently they’d moved on.

They’d actually put the makeup and dolls away. I was just about to start congratulating myself on bringing up brilliant, well-behaved, neat and organized children when I saw this on my freshly cleaned, perfectly streak-free mirror:

This kinda thing would totally happen to Jen.

And that makes me feel good. And happy. Like I’m not navigating this crazy journey alone.

It makes me feel like I’m Buried with Children.


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