Yet Another First Day of School Post, but This One is the Best Yet

So here he is, my big Kindergartener.

The picture is blurry because he could not stop jumping up and down with excitement.
He was more than ready to go.

Riding the bus was awesome.
No, sweat. He entered it like he had been riding for years.
Mommy on the other hand, I had all the nerves for both of us.
I held back my tears as he bounced up the steps and I tried not to vomit as the bus pulled away, carrying my baby off to all kinds of new adventures.

He was so excited getting off the bus, he forgot about his backpack.
I guess he couldn’t wait to tell me all about his day.

Hayden: “Mom, Mom! Guess what? I did a Barbie puzzle!”

Me: “Thats awesome. Did you learn anything?”

Hayden: “Yeah!”

Me: “What? What? Tell be about what you learned.”

Hayden: “Um, I don’t remember.”

And the other kids, Jake Quinn and Claire?
Well, they missed Hayden very much and only asked me 5,631 times,

“Where Hayyen? Where Hayyen go?”

But waiting for and seeing the school bus totally made there day.


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