Simple Pleasures

Often times when I go into my bedroom to take a shower and get dressed there is a little man that follows me.

He is ever so quiet, never making a single sound, until SLAM!
The door goes closed, ensuring him the ability to enjoy this all by himself.

He then smiles his shy sheepish grin and climbs onto the big bed.

His grin begins to widen into a full on smile and giggles begin to flow forth from his mouth.

He begins to jump and hop around pulling the pillows out and into….

The perfect pile for jumping.

He will jump and jump and reform the pile for as long as it takes me to shower and get dressed.

Smiles and Giggles resound through the room.

I can’t help but smile and laugh too.

For I know that he is enjoying his own personal happiness, all by himself away from the grabbing hands of his two same aged siblings.

And that makes us both happy.


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