Riding the Train to Crazy Town

I need to get some things off my chest. So I am going to start this rendition of my Blog Farts with some complaining and a little b*tching.


I am really starting to wondering if I am going to be able to survive my triplets being two. One moment I want to slap them silly because they will not listen to me, they do the opposite of what I ask and the defiance, just flat out refusal to obey. Then in another moment, my heart is melting because of their slobbery kisses, big hugs and ‘Luv oo mom!’ It is enough to make me crazy.


I am very sick and tired of the comment, “Boy, you have your hands full. Don’t you?” I never really know what to say to this. I usually just smile politely and nod or I giggle nervously and say, ‘Yup, they sure are full’. But sometimes on those really, really stressful days I just want to scream at the person, “YES I DO HAVE MY HANDS FULL! NOW MOVE AND STOP TALKING TO ME SO I CAN DO WHAT I NEED TO DO. YOU TRY TAKING 4 KIDS SHOPPING AND SEE HOW FULL YOUR HANDS ARE!”


Taking my children out in public has gotten to be a joke. I am almost to the point of not doing it at all and just staying at home all the time.
No one will ride in a stroller anymore, in fact its dangerous for them to ride because they can jump out. They all want to, ‘Wahk, Wahk’.
So I let them walk, but no one wants to hold my hand when we are in the parking lot. They all run ahead of me.
Do you have any idea how maddening and panicky it is to see all 4 of your children run in all directions in a busy parking lot?
I am left to scream my head off for every one to stop and make the parking lot ever more dangerous because people everywhere are paying attention to me and my ridiculous screaming and not the cars. It is so frustrating and scary that sometimes when I get back to the car and the children are safely belted into their seat, I cry.


Ok so enough b*tching and complaining. I will now end this with some funny things that the kids are saying.


Since Jake’s surgery, he has become a baby Sean Connery. He walks around all the time say, “Yesh, Yesh.” It is just so funny. I am just sad I have not caught it on video.

We were in the car. I was really frustrated and I yelled at all the kids to be quiet. It did not work. Jake kept yelling so Hayden decided to help by saying, “Jacob! Stop yelling! You are flipping Mommy off.”

Hayden is playing the DS. Quinn comes over to see what he is doing. Hayden doesn’t like this and tries to move but this only makes Quinn more curious so he follows each move that Hayden makes. Hayden then lets out and exasperated sign and says, “Quinn, Stop it! Mom, make Quinn stop he is totally ignoring me.”

Claire is such a little lady, well sometimes. When even she farts, she needs to let the whole room know but she is a little confused because she always says, “I burp. I burp. I burp.” And then runs away laughing. Such a little lady.


Happy Birthday, Papa. We Love You so so Much!

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