They All Fall Down

I am not what you would all a very graceful person. In fact I am quite the opposite. I stumble and fall all.the.time. If there is even the tiniest of bumps or cracks in the floor, I will trip over it and fall. And because of this I have sprained my ankle at least six times, two of which I wrote posts about here and here.

Jeff on the other hand in very coordinated and graceful. He like to say that he has ninja like abilities.

Since we are both on opposite end of the spectrum, I was hoping that our children would be some where in the middle. But alas, that has not happened.

They are all clumsy little fools, Quinn and Jake being the worst. You look at those two funny and they will fall. Their knees have been scraped up so many times that I don’t how many layers of skin are left. The bruises that these children sport, well it looks like they have been through battle.

And to be honest, I have surprised that no one has had a broken bone, had stitches, or needed a trip to the emergency room. Hayden has had a concussion or two but that has been the worst of it (Thank, God).

It just breaks my heart to see them fall and stumble all the time.

Cruse my clumsy genes, curse them!

I am holding out hope that they will grow out of it and by the time they are adolescents, they will have ninja like abilities like their Dad. But something is telling me that it is not going to happen and its only going to get worse before it gets better.

Oops, I gotta go. Someone just fell down. Again.

This has been a post part of Writer’s Workshop
hosted by Mama Kat.

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