Children or Career: Could You Choose?

Writer’s Workshop: What are you afraid of?
(Inspried by Life with Kaishon)

I am not one that follows current events. I don’t watch the news. I barely read the newspaper. We do subscribe to our local paper but I usually just read the comics and then get rid of the rest. I really have no idea what is going on in the world.

When there is something major going on in the world, it usually leaks over in the blogosphere and then I definitely hear about it.

In fact that is where I heard about the story of Laura Ling and Euna Lee. They are two journalist who were captured and held as prisoners for allegedly crossing the North Korean/China border.

Well, today after 140 days they were released and sent back to the US. I only know this because someone blogged about it. If you are interested here is the whole story.

One of these women, Euna Lee, is a mother. When I first heard about this story, I was saddened and horrified that a country would just throw these women in a hard labor camp for 12 years without a trial or letting them explain themselves. Just lock them up and throw away the key. How could this be done to Americans but not just Americans, a mother.

But as I began to think about it more, I because angry with Lee for putting herself in a position to be imprisoned and therefore taken away from her daughter. I don’t understand how a mother could put herself in such a risky position. Why would a mother take this kind of risk for her career?

This thought stuck with me.

I couldn’t get it out of my head.

And then this thought struck a cord in my own life. In my chosen profession, I take these type of risks.* And it was not more apparent then on the day when a helicopter crashed on the roof of the hospital where I work.

Now before you get all worried and think that I have been through something horrific, I was not at work that day but I should have been. Just a few days before this happened, I had traded my shift that day with a co-worker. Thankfully, during this tragedy, no one was seriously injured and all turned out well.

But in times of a disaster, patients must still be cared for. Sometimes, especially in natural disasters, nurses and other hospital personal can’t leave because replacements can’t get to them or the conditions are too bad for people to get to the hospital. You have to stay and care for the patients no matter what, it doesn’t matter how long you have been there. You must stay and care for the patients. You, as the nurse, are truly their life-line.

Even though, the crash turned out alright and staff was able to leave when they were scheduled, it could have been different.

I often think about the ‘what ifs’ during this time.

What if I had been working?
What if I was not able to leave because patients needed to be cared for?
What if I had been injured or worse?

All of these thoughts leave me with the thought that my chosen profession could leave my children without their mother.

Could I make the choice; career or children?

Do I already make this choice every time that I go to work? I don’t know and that is something that I am afraid of.

Writer’s Workshop is hosted by Mama Kat.

*I am in no way saying that my life or career is anything like what those women went through. I am sure that they had a horrific experience. This story just made me think and this post is just my thoughts on that matter.


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