A Fishing Tale

Hayden: Hey, Grandpa What ya doin?

Hayden: Fishing, huh? Can I try?

Fishing, Fishing, Oh, what fun it is…. wait, hang on.

I gotta pee.

Alright, all better. Now back to fishing, fishing.
Oh what fun it is….. fishing, fishing.
I think that I got one!

Claire: Look! Look! Hayden. There’s a fishy!

Hayden: Look at my Fish!

Hayden: Do you want a turn now, Claire?

Claire: Oh I don’t know. Isn’t fishing just for boys?
Fine I’ll try. Daddy help me?

Claire: Now, Jakey’s turn.

Quinn: Look, Look! Look fishy.

Claire: Are you going to touch it, Quinn?
Quinn: No!
Claire: Me either, yucky fishy.

All: Let’s just watch Grandpa fish.

Jake: I wonder where Nemo is?


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