What a Good Doggie Daddy!?

We have some new additions to our family.
No, we are not having a new baby, despite my previous post.
These new additions are all about Hayden.

He has become a Doggie Daddy…..

Meet Biscuit and Bingo.

I was informed a few days after their arrival that it was their Birthday
we needed to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Biscuit and Bingo!

I guess all the Birthday partying took its toll because the next day, Biscuit and Bingo were sick with a cold.
But don’t worry, their Daddy took very good care of them.
They were tucked into their ‘sleeping bed’ to watch movies all day.

There are so lucky to have such a good Doggie Daddy.
He is is quick to rescue them from little hands.
He takes care of them when they are sick
And he loves them so much.

I am happy that Hayden is such a good Doggie Daddy, really I am.
But if I have to run through the house frantically searching for Biscuit or Bingo one more time while I listen to a hysterical Hayden crying about how he can’t go to sleep without them.

I just might just loose it and tie those dogs to his ankles or maybe even staple them to his shirt.

But other than that, I love Biscuit and Bingo too.
They really are good dogs.

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