Dear Jake,

We need to have a talk about your poopy diapers. That’s right, I am going to talk to you about poop. I actually addressed you and your same age siblings about this issue before and there have been some changes. But you, my beloved son, have not really changed.

I don ‘t know if you have noticed but Mommy, Daddy and Hayden all use the potty, that’s were we put our poop. That is where its suppose to go. Now I know that you are not at this stage yet but it is coming soon.

Quinn and Claire let Mommy know when they have poop. They climb right up on the table and say, “Yuck Poop!” But you, you my busy boy, just sit in those diapers so long that you get a nasty diaper rash. Your bottom has been shades of red that I didn’t know existed.

Now this brings me to actually changing your diaper, it is a battle! You have always been one that does not stay still during a diaper change but as you have gotten older and stronger so has your fight.

I just have to ask, why do you fight so? Do you like to sit in these diapers? I can’t for the life of me understand why.

If you keep this fighting up and in turn sending the poopy diapers flying across the room, I am going to teach your older brother how to hold you in a half nelson or at the very least I am going to have him sit on you while I change you.

You may not like this idea but you see I don’t like getting kicked in the face or the chest and I most definitely don’t like cleaning poop smears off the floor.


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