A Son’s View of His Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dad’s out there! To honor Jeff, I thought that I would let you get know Jeff a little better though questions that Hayden answered about his Daddy for school.

My Daddy loves me when…. “I make something for him”.

My Daddy’s favorite color is…. “Red”.

My Daddy’s eyes are…. “blue”.

My Daddy’s hair is… “blond”.

My Daddy likes to eat…. “Lobsters, they’re good for him”.

My Daddy likes to drink…. “wine”.

My favorite thing about my Daddy is…. “flying a kite and going fishing, when I am five”.

My Daddy cooks…. “cold (meaning things from the freezer) things”.

My Daddy plays… “memory with my Mom”.

My Daddy’s favorite book is…. “he doesn’t have one, only my Mom reads”.

My Daddy’s favorite movie is…. “every movie he watches with me”.

My Daddy’s favorite song is…. “Metallica”.

Happy Father’s Day, Jeff.
The Kids Love You
And, I Adore You.

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