Can You Say Addicted?

In this house, we are addicted to electronics. Daddy has is World of Warcraft. Mommy has her blog and Twitter and it is only natural that the children follow in these ways. And let me just say, that Hayden has totally taken this to heart.

That kid has sit and play either computer, the Leapster, or the DS for hours and hours. He could play all day if he was allowed. The first words out of his mouth in the morning are, “Can I play the DS?” and the last thing he asks before bed is, “Can I play the DS?” He can’t even stop playing to get his butt wiped.

This can be maddening at times. While he is playing, he does not listen or respond to questions. He is like a blob just staring at that stupid game.

So last week, when Hayden left the DS in the middle of the floor after I had repeatedly asked him to put it up so that the babies would not take it and one of the babies took it and now we can’t find it. I was sad that his favorite toy was lost. I even helped, him look for it. But honestly, I am happy that the thing is gone.

Well, I was happy. Now after a week of him following me around like a lost puppy, whining at me about he is bored and has nothing to do. I just want the damn thing back so that the whinning will stop and he will leave me alone (terrible I know).


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