There Is A Reason Why We Don’t Get Many Visitors

A couple weeks ago, a special visitor came to stay with us for a while.
Who, you ask?
Well, it was Buck.
Buck is on a journey across the country and came to us from Maryland via Nevada.
He normally lives with Jori and her family but she has sent him on this cross country trip to visit all kinds of awesome bloggers.
He decided to stop by our house for a while.
But I am thinking that he is regretting that now. But more on that later.

First the introductions and a little time getting to know the kids.

Claire and Buck getting acquainted. She really liked his red spot.

Jake and Buck getting to know each other but Jake kept trying to feed him his cord.
Buck was not impressed.

Quinn really took a liking to Buck. They really became fast friends.
They did everything together.
But then things took a turn for the worse, well at least where Buck was concerned.

Charlie tried to help by showing Buck how he escapes from the kids, hiding under the bed.
But that didn’t last for long.

Quinn found Buck and for some reason took his back legs off.
I really don’t know what happened, I was taking a break. I thought that Buck was up to the challenge of watching the kids but I guess not.

I think that the injury might have happened during some rough housing and jumping on the bed. You know, some one always gets hurt during rough housing.

Never fear, Hayden stepped into help poor Buck.
He preformed the surgery and reattached Buck’s legs.

Then he used Band-aids to secure the surgical site.

Good Job, Hayden.
But that was enough for Buck.

Back to his box, Buck went. Off to visit the next blogger with a few more bumps and a couple Band-aids.
Sorry, Buck.
But it sure was fun while it lasted.
If you want to host Buck, visit Jori at Jeff and Me plus 3 and let her know.

Where is Buck now??


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