Raise Your Hand When You Are Finished

In our part of the world, the first weekend in June means that it is festival time. Festival of the Arts is when part of the downtown area is closed, stages are set up and food booths from all over the world are open for business.

Local artists get a chance to preform for a crowd of thousands and local people get to experience these artist and eat some yummy, yummy food.

It is really a cool thing. I have been going, not every year, since I was a young girl and now I love the fact that I can take my kids. It really is an awesome experience. People from all different back grounds and cultures come together for one reason, to enjoy and support the arts.

Art is right up Hayden’s ally. They have a ‘Parent Free’ zone where kids can paint and make other projects. Hayden took to this like white on rice. Here is my little artist doing what he does best.

This last picture may seem a little weird. What in the whole is he doing? Yes he is holding the balloon on top of his head but he is also doing something much, much bigger. Following directions that proved to me, he is ready for kindergarten.

This fall, Hayden will be going to kindergarten. This is really want I wanted. Despite that fact that he will be young, I feel that he is ready for kindergarten. But with any decision that you make as a mommy there is always that second guessing.

Is sending him to Kindergarten really the right thing? He is really ready? He is so young, maybe young 5’s would be right for him?

But there at Festival, all my doubts and second guesses were silenced. You see when Hayden entered the ‘Parent Free’ painting zone, he was told by the ‘teacher’ where to paint and when he is finished to raise his hand and wait for help.

And that my friends, is just what he did. He can listened and followed directions. Now, I know that kindergarten is not just about listening and following directions but it is a huge part. And Hayden, he can do it. He can really do it.

He is ready and I could not be more proud.

Wordful Wednesday hosted by Angie.

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