Scary Things that go Bump in the Night

Ah, night time.

It is a good time. It signifies the end of the day, quiet and calm have once again returned to the household. It is time to go spend doing adult things. It is time to go to bed and get some much needed rest.

But it can also be a bad time of day. It is the time of day that you never want to get a phone call from some one you love. There is nothing good that can come of a phone call at 2AM. It is a time that can leave you most vulnerable. Darkness surrounds you, there is no telling who, if any one, if lurking out side.

This thought always freaks me out. You see, we live in the woods. Therefore, we have no curtains on our windows. There really is no need. So while this allows me to walk around naked if and when I want to, it also feeds my fear that there might be some one standing out there in the darkness looking in at me.

This is why when ever I must get up in the middle of the night, I run through the house in hopes of being just a blur to a person that might be looking in. I only feel safe again once I reach a room where the door can be close.

It is my way of keeping all the things that go bump in the night at bay. I must have each and every door to each and every room is closed. And I insist that each door be close before I go to sleep each night.

After many, many, many nights of strongly urging Jeff get back out of bed to close the door, he, for the most part, has now taken my suggestion to do so.

But you when you are not expecting said door to be closed like say after your snuck out of bed to check your email one last time before going to sleep. And you eyes have not yet adjusted to the darkness after staring at the screen for much longer than anticipated.

Then meeting the door closed is a very scary thing. Just ask my nose.


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