Its bedtime and that means all it right with the world.
All the kids are soundly sleeping after a fun filled day at school.

See here is Jake sound asleep.

And Claire all cuddled up in her blanket, dreaming away.

And now here is Quinn
There is something wrong with this picture.
Where in the world is Quinn?

Oh, there he is.
Sleeping in the chair.

Later this same night at about 3AM, Quinn woke up. He was crying so I got out of bed and went up to him (we had placed him back in his crib earlier). He had lost all of his pacifiers so I gave them back, rubbed his back and he settle back to sleep.

Then at about 5AM, I heard crying again from their room. This time it was Claire. I got up with her, gave her a drink and tucked her back into bed.

As I was walking out of the room, I glanced in Quinn’s crib but it was empty. I quickly turned around to look at the chair but it was empty too. I then thought about the door, Hayden used to sleep behind the door when he was this age. But Quinn was not behind the door.

My heart was now starting to beat faster. My sleepy haze was thinning and I began to think. Was the door open when I got to the room? Yes I think it was. So I ran downstairs to look through the house.

I looked in the living room. No Quinn.
I looked in the den. No Quinn.
Perhaps he had crawled into our bed and I had not noticed him.
But he was not there either.

By now my heart was racing. I was on the verge of panic. Were the doors locked? Could he have gotten outside? Had someone broken in the house and taken him?

I was just about ready to wake Jeff up and call the police when I decided to look in his room one more time. As I ran up the stairs, I thought, closet! I had not looked in the closet.

I threw open the closet as quickly and as quietly as I could expecting him to be there but he was not.

Fear and panic were just about ready to take hold of my brain when as I turned around, I saw him. He was curled up under the crib. This little boy ball soundly sleeping under the crib.

I have never been so relieve in all my life. I pulled him out and placed him back in the crib.

And as I walked back downstairs to get a minute or two more of sleep before the whole house awoke, I thought…

Would it be a bad thing to tie him into the crib?

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


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