What Makes Me Happy

Its time once again for Writer’s Workshop. I am going to make a list about all the things that make me happy. But I am having a hard time being happy right now because one of my children is about ready to be disowned. Quinn has a stubborn streak a mile long and it is getting old, very old! But enough on that.

What Makes Me Happy.

Air Conditioning. I like it cold. I am actually kind of a wuss when it comes to hot. I get all whiny and crabby and it is just not a good time. I am the kind of person that turns the heat off and then put the air conditioning on.

Ibuprofen. I usually have at least one headache a day related to my life. There is nothing like popping some Ibuprofen with a little Diet Coke to make all the aching go away.

Water. Water just makes me happy. I love to drink it. I drink about 2 to 3 liters a day. I love to swim in it. There is just nothing like floating in the water. I love to listen to it. The waves crashing on the shore is kind of soothing to me. I love to watch it. There is just something about that blue color of the Big Lake.

My Children. Well, I should say my Family. There is just nothing like family. There is no one that can love you like family. Care for you like family. Support you like family. They may annoy me or make me angry but they will always be my family.

Photos. I like to take pictures. I like to look at other people’s pictures. I like to play with and edit pictures. Right now I use Picasa. I have not gotten into Photoshop and to be honest, it kind of scares me. I am happy with Picasa and the editing I can do.

My Bed. I love my bed. It just makes me happy with its comfort and softness. There is just nothing like it. I like the fun stuff and goes on in there but more than that, I like the sleep that happens there.

Shopping. I really, really like to go shopping. There is just something about putting together that perfect outfit that makes me look smokin’ hot. That makes me happy. Oh and don’t even get me started on shoe shopping.

Food. Food just makes me happy. Whether its cooking it, reading about it, learning about it, or eating it. It just gives me so much joy. Being in the kitchen behind my island or stove is one of my happy places. When I am stressed or over-whelmed, I just need to cook. It makes me happy.

Las Vegas. This place is just happiness. Not only because my very best friend in the whole wide world lives there but because it is the location for Sitscation.
I am so there! Are you? Click the button for more information. The whole thing just makes me happy.

Mama Kat. (Yes, this is me being a total brown noser but she is just so pretty and funny how can you not be.) She along with my other bloggy buddies make me happy. The friendships that I have made are totally awesome. There are not words to describe them. I love you all and you all have a special place in my heart.

There that is what makes me happy. How about you? What makes you happy?


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