Mom, Is Off Duty!

After a long day at home with the kids, I am more than ready for Jeff to come home. Actually, besides nap time, it is my favorite time of day. I just love this man so much and I miss him while he is slaving away at the office.

Ok that was a bunch of bull, I do love him but I love it when he comes home because I am so ready for some help.

I am ready not to deal with the fighting, the tantrums and the crying. I don’t want to stop anyone from playing in the trash or keep them off the table. I am sick of saying ‘no’ and ‘don’t touch that’. I am ready for a breather and some time for me.

But there is one problem with this plan. The kids don’t get it. They are all thrilled that Daddy is home. They smile and giggle and want his attention but it all fades in a matter of moments.

And even though he is home and willing to take care of their every whim, they all still run to me. They have seen me all day but the babies still run to me with every tear and all clamor for my lap and attention. I give them a little slack b/c they are young yet.

But Hayden is the worst of them all. He is older. He should know better but no every single time he needs something he comes to me.

“Mom, can I have some chocolate milk”
“Mom, can you get me my blankie?”
“Mom, can I watch a movie?”
“Mom, I need a snack.”
“Mom, I have a question.”


I am so sick of it, I just want to scream, “GO ASK YOUR DAD!”

I just don’t get it. Jeff is in the same room as I am, he is just as capable as me to fulfill all their requests but they keep coming to me?

I think I may need to invest in an off duty sigh or something to get the message across. Maybe one with big flashing letters and a gate. Yeah, a gate that says, “Go Ask Your Dad. Mom Is Off Duty!”

This post was inspired by the prompts from Writer’s Workshop.
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