We Heart Art

I don’t really call myself a crafty person. I wouldn’t really even call myself creative. But when I began to think about what being creative means, I guess I am. But not in the making crafts or scrap booking kind of way.

I am creative when it comes to cooking and writing. These two things are my ‘art’ and how I express myself.

My kids on the other hand are very much into arts and crafts. In fact they LOVE it, Hayden especially. Art has always been Hayden’s favorite thing at school. He comes home from school with at least 5 different projects that he has worked on during the day. Lately, it is coloring.

Coloring is something that he must do every single day.

And I must say, that he has gotten very good at it.

The babies also love art and coloring to varying degrees. Quinn is really not into it. He is a collector and expresses himself through his collections, today its beads.

Jake and Claire on the other hand, LOVE to color. In fact the world, COLOR, was one of their very first words.

Another way, that I was creative in my youth was in the performance arts. I was very much into Drama and Singing. I am happy to report that this apple has not fallen to far from the tree. Hayden has been known on occasion to put on a show.

Now our little family works really well for this because the best part of being the oldest in a family with triplets is that you always have a captive audience.

There is an awesome blog carnival going on in which you can showcase you and your kids art. And not to mention some really cool prizes. Go check it out.
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