A Perfect Memory

Take a walk with me if you will, down memory lane. With the weather being so nice lately and teasing us with some 70 degree days, I am beginning to think of summer.

Summer is full of so many good memories. But when I think of summer’s past, there is this one day that always sticks out in my mind. It was back in the summer of 2006 and it is just one of those perfect days.
Everything about the day was perfect, the weather, the people, the activities, the food, everything.

It all began with a boat ride, Hayden’s first big boat ride on Papa’s boat.

Then there was a stop for some ice cream.

Hayden was almost 2 in these pictures and at this stage, he was obsessed with animals. He had some pretty unusual ‘sounds’ for some unusual animals that he would graciously share when ever asked.

Hayden, what does the crab say?

Hayden, what does the Hippo say?
And the day ended with a boat ride back to the cottage and a nap in mommy’s arms.

Seriously, you couldn’t have planned a more perfect day.
I think that this day sticks out in my mind because the babies are doing so many things that Hayden used to do. They are about the same age as he was in these pictures. I just can’t wait to take them out on Papa’s boat, give them ice cream cones and watch them enjoy the summer.

Life does pass us by so quickly but what a wonderful ride it is. And thank God for pictures so once in a while, I can go back and relive all those ‘perfect days’.

Wordful Wednesday host by Angie.

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