Writer’s Workshop: I Little Thing I Like to Call Haydenisms

Prompt: What your kids talking about?

Me: Hayden, I am going to take a shower.
Hayden: Yipee!!!!! I am in charge. You hear that babies, I am in charge!


Me: Hayden, it is time to get up and get ready for school.
Hayden: Mom *yawn* can I just have a few more hours?


Me: Jake! Quinn! Come upstairs please. It is time to get dressed.
Hayden: Mom, there are not coming. You better yell louder and make them come.

Hayden: Mom, Mom, Mom! Take a picture of me doing this. Take a picture, right now!


Hayden: Mom did you know that Mars has 2 moons?
Me: No I didn’t know that. Where did you learn that?
Hayden: I learned it from my Leapster. I didn’t think that you knew that but I bet my Dad knew that. He’s smart.


Hayden: Mom, I am starving!!!!!!
Me: How come you are so hungry.
Hayden: Because I am starving for a cookies.


Me: Hayden, can you please go upstairs and get me a diaper?
Hayden: *huffs* Again!?! Why am I the only one that is working in this house?

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