What an Egg-citing Day

Happy Easter! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. We sure did. This was the first Easter in a long time where is was sunny and beautiful and not raining or snowing.

There is the recap of our weekend.

You can’t have a holiday without some of Jeff’s famous shape pancakes.
So I give you an Easter egg and the Easter bunny.

I got a fun surprise in the mail, an Easter basket . I was part of an Easter basket swap held by Manic Mother. This basket was just for me. It was filled with awesome stuff that I just love like some cooking utensils, a candle, and a beautiful nurse key chain.

But being that I have 4 children it was not long before they became interested in what I got.

Quinn loved playing peek-a-boo with the lovely towel.

They all got in on the chocolate action

And Claire, well she was all about the paper.

So Thank You Manic Mother! This an awesome Easter basket surprise.

Then of course we all got dressed up in our Easter best.

And after church and some naps it was off to Grandma’s house for an Easter egg hunt and a fabulous dinner.

There was even some high flying fun

with a safe landing, of course.

Now there is just one question I have, does any one want some egg salad? Because I don’t know how much more I can eat. Making egg salad from the almost 2 dozen dyed easter eggs we had was probably not my best ever idea. If you smell my drift.


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