Writer’s Workshop: My Role in the Household

Not that it is any surprise to you all but the role of a mother/wife takes on many, many different forms. Here are just a few that I have noticed I have taken on and never thought I would. Most of these roles are completed by myself but some take a partner or they are handed over to a partner and I do have a pretty cool partner.

1. Personal Chef
I am not just the chef but a personal one because all the meals I plan are catered around what the people in my house, mainly, the kids will eat.

2. Event Planner
I am the one who owns the family calendar. All play dates, family get-togethers, Hayden sleep-overs, work days, Mom/Dad dates must go through me.

3. Therapist
If you need to talk, I am there or at least I will give you my email. I will also help you learn that it is not nice to call some one a ‘weirdo silly sock head’ and how would you like it if you were called a name like that.

4. Healer
A kiss from me will make any scrape, bite, bump, bruise, or what every ails you feel all better (this only works best for those 5 and under so far).

5. Stylist
I am the one who dresses all the people in the house, some I literally dress and others I just provide them with clothing that will fit them, suit their needs and want to be worn.

6. Porn Star
Now this one is not for the kids but you gotta keep the sex part of a marriage a live and well and that is all I am going to say on this one.

7. Resident Handy Person
(but only when Jeff is not home then this job is gratefully handed over)
I can try and fix most things in the house. If not you will just have to wait until Daddy gets home.

8. Media Specialist
All video games, DVD’s and books must be approved by me before they are played or watched. I am also good a reading a book to you and I have a great talent for finding Mario coloring pictures on the Internet.

9. Seamstress
If a button falls off, seam is ripped, I am there. I have my trusty needle and thread and I will fix you up. But I only have one color so I hope that you don’t mind a black stitch on the white shirt.

10. Referee
This is one that I don’t like to play but some one has to get Jake off of Claire’s head and stop the screaming so that Hayden will stop yelling, “All the screaming is hurting my ears.”

This list was brought to you by a prompt for
Writer’s Workshop hosted by Mama Kat.


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