A Real Pain In My Butt

I got the chance to go to an all day nursing conference. I just love going to nursing conferences. I feel empowered and renewed after being at one of these conferences.

They help me remember why I wanted to be a nurse and the power that I hold to help some one. I relearn what an important and the critical role the nurse plays in health care. It is just amazing. It makes me love my nursing career all over again.

But even though my nursing spirit is renewed and my mind refreshed there is one part of my body that is not so happy. One part of my body that just aches. It is my tush, fanny, booty or what every you call it, my BUTT!

Why is my butt so sore? Well because for eight hours I had to sit in one of these.Now I know it looks just like an ordinary every day hotel banquet chair and for all tense and purposes it is. It does a good job fulfilling its purpose as a place to sit. But after a couple hours it begins to feel like a rock hard stone chair. My booty could not take it any more.
So I tried to shift and sit on my left thigh and butt cheek.
No good.
I tried the other way, right thigh and butt cheek.
No good.
I tried to sit center, both cheeks flat on the seat.
No good.
I tried to cross my legs.
No good.
I tried to uncross my legs.
No good.
I tried to sit on one leg.
No good.
I tried to sit sideways.
No good. No good. No good.

And after few more hours that chair just became unsitable and by the end of the day, there is just no amount of fidgeting or shifting, no amount of extra padding that will make that chair any better.

My butt was done, I tell you, DONE! What is a girl to do when your butt just refuses to sit?

Faked a potty break. I got up an walked around for a few minutes and wishfully yearned over the comfy couch that was sitting across the lobby taunting me. Then I walked back to my torture device, I mean chair, and sat down on my very angry butt until the lecture was over.

So, well I remember at one point in time being refreshed and renew in my nursing career, I now only remember the pain in my ass.


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