It Is Surely Not About What’s In The Cup

Do you see those cups up there? That is just a sampling of the cups that we own. But this is not a post about how many cups that we have nor is it a post about how they seem to just vanish only to be found weeks later either all green and moldy or chunky cheesy.

No, this is a post where I am posing a question to the blogging world?
What is so special about those cups?

Let me explain myself. Every morning, I go upstairs and get the babies out their cribs. They mill around and wake Hayden up, while I go back downstairs to start the coffee.

One of them will start the down ward decent, followed closely by the other two and they all run over to the cup drawer. I kindly open the drawer and say,
“Pick a cup for today?”
“Which cup do you want?”
“Pick a cup and give it to mommy for some juice.”
To which they all happily comply and each baby hands me their choice of cup.

Then I fill each cup with 1/4 water and 3/4 juice. They wait patiently, who am I kidding, they all beg relentlessly for me to give them their cup.

Once every one has their cup, they scamper off to drink and play. I then get myself some coffee and Hayden some chocolate milk. It is happiness in the household.
But then just as I am ready to take that first wonderful sip of coffee,
it happens.

The fighting and screaming and tackling and hair pulling and full out kicking match over a cup.

Some one dropped a cup and another one picked it up began to drink and suddenly that cup becomes THE MOST precious thing in the world.

I just don’t get it. They all picked which cup they wanted. They are all filled with EXACTLY the same amount of juice.
There should be no issues.
Not A One!
I just don’t get what is so special about a cup.

I am Wordful about Cups.
Wonder what others had to say?

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