How Will You Know Where Home Is?

I thought that it was high time that Hayden learn our phone number and our address. So I took an opportunity of just him and I being in the car to try and teach him. This is how the lesson went.

Me: Hayden, do you want to learn what our phone number is so that just in case you get lost you will know it and some one can help you call mommy and daddy?

Hayden: No, I will learn it when I am 5.

Me: Well alright, what about our address?

Hayden: I already learned that in school.

Me: Really!?! Well then tell me what it is?

Hayden: I was just kidding, I didn’t really learn it and I don’t need too because if I get lost I will just follow my foot prints left in the mud back home.

Me: Well, what if you are not walking and there is no mud or what if some one like a Police Officer needs to know how to get to our house. How will he know where to take you?

Hayden: If a Police Officer finds me, I will just tell him to take me home.

Me: But he won’t know where home is. You will need to tell him our address so that he can take you there. Where will you tell him our home is?

Hayden: Our home is on top of the driveway at our house.

Me: Ok, I am done. I give up. You win.

Hayden: Yippee!!!!! What do I win? A Prize?

Me: Respect.

Hayden: That’s good, I like aspect.

You just gotta love this kid. I know that I do.


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all who commented on my previous posts. It is really not about the quantity of people that come to my blog but the quality. And I there are some awesome people that come over here. You all sure know how to make a girl feel loved.
Thank you.

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